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darwin marriage celebrant
darwin marriage celebrant
darwin marriage celebrant
darwin marriage celebrant joshua puc
darwin marriage celebrant joshua puc
darwin marriage celebrant joshua puc
darwin marriage celebrant joshua puc
Marriage celebrant darwin wedding
darwin marriage celebrant
Our work

Hello, and congratulations on your engagement. I'm Joshua Pucci a young and vibrant civil marriage celebrant, videographer and photographer based in Darwin. Expressing emotions and love through words has always been something that has been special to me. There is nothing better than having a group of people laughing one moment and then crying with joy the next. Those memories are special and unique, they cant be faked. I feel its my job to share my skills in creative writing with couples to make their day one to remember.

Creating your wedding ceremony so it's special and specific to you as a couple is what I am all about. It can be as long or as short as you both wish, of course there are some legal requirements we need to meet but other than that we have full reign to make your day as special as possible. With some information from you and your partner I can craft something unique and unforgettable with my excellent creative writing skills. Nothing is to difficult perhaps you both are avid Alice In Wonderland fans and want some magic incorporated into your wedding- I can do It! Perhaps you want parts of your favourite poem read, or references to important milestones in your lives spoken about- I can do it. Your day is all about you, so give me a call or drop me an email and we can go about planning your very special day and making it one you will remember forever.

Just because I am a Darwin wedding celebrant does not mean I wont travel anywhere in Australia so please if you are interested in letting me create your special day let me know- traveling is just detail!

Josh's Own Words

My couples will quite often ask me what I think love is about, it's always so hard to express love in words as everyone values and sees it differently. So below is the best way I can describe love in my own words. This piece I wrote for one of my couples that requested something different, something unique something nobody would have ever heard. It now lives on the inside of my IPAD cover which I read all my couples ceremonies off. It's there because I can look at it anytime during a ceremony and it inspires me to smile, to laugh and to be the best person I can be. These words hold a special place in my heart, they will always be me, and they will always be you.


“People often ask what love is, quite often people believe that love is dictated upon the perception of others on our relationships. You see love is unique, it’s special, it’s not a word you can throw around lightly. It’s personal, only you truly know yourself what true love is.


Sometimes we go through life thinking we know, without realising what’s standing right in front of us. You see love isn’t about all the superficial things we connotate with love on a day to day basis. Love is deeper than that.


Love is about compromise, it’s about learning to love the quirky aspects of each other that other people can’t. Loving old scars, marks from our past and adapting to change. It’s about the late nights spent at the beach laughing, loosing track of time and being in your own little world. Love doesn’t have time, it has no constraint, and if you’re lucky hopefully your love for one another will last for a lifetime. 


Love is about taking a leap, no matter how scary or hard it may be, because when you take that leap you lose control, you become a different person. You’re not just you any more- your sharing yourself with someone else, you’re a couple. You are the best team. The only team.


Love also makes us scared because for once in your life you care about someone more than any other person. They are everything you think about. Everything you need and everything you want. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just what true love is.”

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Funny, caring and a ball of laughter is how most of my friends and family describe me. I moved to Darwin eight years ago, and never looked back. I guess you could describe me as a true Territorian, an avid fisherman with a love for the outdoors and all the Top End has to offer. During the week I am running an Airline, on the weekends I am marrying couples. If I'm not doing weddings I'm likely to be tagging along as an apprentice to my beautiful partners wedding photography shoots Yes more wedding related business! We even offer packages so get in touch, or check out our joint website I am a proud dad four ratbags Lac, Logan Harper and Scarlett. I draw upon all those special people in my life to create the most unique and genuine ceremonies and to make your day one to remember.

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Joshua Pucci Marriage Celebrant Darwin

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