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Meeting new friends, the best part of being a celebrant.

Quite often people think that I became a marriage celebrant as a part time job. It couldn't actually be further from the truth, being a marriage celebrant is about far more than a job- well at least for me it is. It's about seeing that raw happiness, the love, the look on the groom's face as he spins around to see his beautiful bride for the first time. Upon all else for me its about making new friends, meeting new people and most importantly taking the stress out of your wedding ceremony.

On Saturday 10th of June 2017 I married the now new Mr and Mrs Melbourne overlooking Fannie Bay with a beautiful backdrop, and again I was reminded of why being a marriage celebrant is the best thing in the world. Rewind six months prior to this when I first met Jeremy and Kristy. I walked into their home and instantly felt welcomed. We shared beers, laughs, a love for Ed Sheran and fishing. Oh and of course we talked about what they wanted in their special day and how I could make it perfect. I also met their three stunning, inspirational and special girls. Straight away I knew that this day was going to be one to remember.

You see, I'm not just a celebrant for my couples. I prefer to offer a much more personal service. Helping however I can, even if its not related to my role as your marriage celebrant, I'm always there to bump ideas off. In the case of Jeremy and Kristy's big day; god knows how many emails, text messages and Facebook messages we sent to each other nutting out the perfect day. We bounced around countless ideas for centerpieces and the reception, wrote personal vows and even the girls made contact with me secretly to read over their reception speeches (which just quickly while we are on topic could not have been any more PERFECT- Natalie you star!) I quickly felt like a friend with these two rather than just their marriage celebrant and so the perfect day was planned, and my job was easy.

That's why it was so easy for me to slip in as their MC at the reception, which was a last minute request as their planned MC had fallen through. When I noticed they needed an MC on a Facebook post, I just had to tell them I would take care of it. I couldn't leave them stressing days out from their special day and so I become the Celebrant, the MC and somehow in-between all of that even the DJ. It was quite a privilege to be welcomed into their wedding reception, a beautiful outdoors setting set on Jeremy's mother and fathers incredible property in Howard Springs. As I walked up the driveway dully lit by fairy lights, I was quite nervous to be the MC to be honest which was odd given I am so relaxed during my ceremonies. I turned the corner and instantly I was amazed at the little wonderland they had created. The whole family had pulled together to set up the most stunning and unbelievable setting I could have ever imagined. Had I not known, I would have thought a professional company had set it all up. WOW

The night was young and I took over the mic, welcoming everyone and trying to get a few laughs. The introductions started and armed with an aircraft life jacket, a copy of the yellow pages and a glass tied to a rubber string I began running through the formalities in the form of an aircraft safety demo- something different to the traditional boring formalities. Many laughs had been shared, especially when the jacket was inflated and began to choke me but it was all part of the fun. The night went on and I got the opportunity to let my hair down, drink some beer and meet the rest of Mr and Mrs Melbourne's extended family that had traveled from all over Australia to share in this special day- What a wonderful and down to earth bunch of people, so welcoming and so unique.

So there it is, if your looking for a celebrant that is just there to do your wedding and disappear never to be seen again I am probably not the right celebrant for you- mainly because that's not in my nature I'm far to much fun! However if your looking for someone that's going to want to ensure everything is perfect and help you out every step of the way you are looking for the right person. Most importantly if you want your celebrant to become a life long friend, keep in touch on Facebook (so you can follow all my embarrassing personal life posts) and to share in your laughter and day over a beer look no further. I am here, I am waiting and I am EXCITED!

P.S. Photo's of Mr and Mrs Melbourne's perfect day 10.06.17

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